How to Keep Your Teen From Getting Pregnant

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It frustrates me to know end that people are against abstinence teaching. Their defense is that kids are going to do it anyway so instead, we need to be teaching about birth control. I agree that birth control needs to be taught, but abstinence is birth control. 

There is absolutely no way to get pregnant if one is abstinent. Other methods sometimes fail. We need to also be teaching what a gift girls' have to offer and to wait until that special someone who wants to be committed comes along. Not to just give that gift away to the first boy that says, "I love you." Most teens go into a sexual relationship because they believe they will be together for a long time. Have the discussion with guys and girls present and find out the definition of a "long time." 

Girls will be amazed to find out that to a boy, a long time is about six months to a year. Guys will be amazed to find out that to a girl, a long time is forever. When asked, if a girl knew that when going into a sexual relationship the guy was only going to be around for six months to a year would she have given away her virginity to him, more than likely the answer would have been "No." 

Teens need to also seriously discuss the "what ifs" of pregnancy.  Teen guys tend to be more ready to see adoption or even abortion as an easy option to take care of the "problem." Teen girls obviously have more of an emotional connection to the being growing inside of them and are less likely to see either of those as an easy option after the pregnancy has occurred. Teen guys need to be aware that that connection will exist. It will come later for them in the pregnancy or after the birth.

The thought of a pregnancy should be a realistic scare to prevent pregnancy. To keep teens from getting pregnant, we need to teach young people how to be responsible; to be responsible with their bodies, with lives they may affect, and with the life they may possibly create. Encourage your teen to get a dog if they are looking for something to love them unconditionally. 

Teach them the responsibility of feeding, walking, earning money to pay for vet visits, and etcetera. If a teen is unable to take care of a dog, ask them how they will ever be able to take care of a child. Encourage your teen to get involved in extra curricular activities. There will be less time available to worry about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. Encourage your teen to get a job for the same reason, but also to really start planning for their future. Plan for college. Plan for the work force. Then ask, "How will a baby fit into these plans?" Reinforce responsibility to self and abstinence.

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How to Keep Your Teen From Getting Pregnant

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This article was published on 2010/03/29