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Teenage girls and boys always want to look cool and attractive. Their world may rotate around high school fashion, taking handmade bags and leather journals, dressing funky clothes, and trying to make an impression their schoolmates with the latest fashion. At that age, everyone will want to be in the in-crowd; hence their appearance is a big matter. By wearing in the newest fashions, renovating like movie stars and having sleek haircuts, a teen can scale the social steps teens have set for themselves.


If you're a teenager who seeks to be accepted by all around you, here are some ideas that can make you part of the in scene:


• For the overall look, most youngsters begin with their hair. Not very long ago, hair accessories were really important. However, the teen diva and role model, Hannah Montana, has changed that trend a little. Teen girls prefer to support her hairdo instead, thus leaving their tresses free from hair bands or clips most of the times. As for boys, Justin Bieber is the hero of the hour. Therefore every teen boy has started growing his hair long before cutting it like the teen star.


• Cool shades are the next big thing. Mostly teens will like to accessorize their outfits with attractive sun shades. This applies to both boys and girls. Both of them are equally attracted to shades when it comes to style and looking smashing!


• Most teens are attracted to the hip hop culture. You shouldn't be surprised to see your friends trying to learn the dance moves they saw in the latest video clips! Tattoos are also becoming important fashion statements. However, it is going to be hard for you to get your parents' permission for one. Yet, you don't need to worry about a thing, because fake tattoos offer you the real deal with no harm or pain.


• Cool shoes are also quite noticeable for teens. Long boots and stilettos for girls and converse shoes for boys are really impressive.


• Broad and noticeable belts are also one of the trends that usually teens like to follow. Belts that are big enough and have bright colors are usually preferred by all teens. However, boys will prefer belts with large motifs as these are quite "in" these days.


• Wrist watches are also important accessories for both girls and boys. They do not only serve a purpose of telling you the time but are also one of the oldest fashion symbols.


• Youngsters stress upon having a cool bag to keep their school stuff in. Again, this has to be noticeable enough for others to see. Bright colors, showy appearances and uniqueness in design will make it a vital necessity for any teenager.


• Lastly, it's about the clothes you wear. This keeps changing with the trends that come and go. You can get the latest trends at any hip store or from teen fashion magazines.


It's all about style and looking classy! Find out the latest style statement and look attractive!


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Connor Sullivan recently purchased a couple of handmade bags for his wife and daughter. He gave leather journals to his son who is traveling abroad during the summer.

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Some Ideas About Teens Gift

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This article was published on 2010/06/05