Teen Mentoring Menlo Park – Importance of Teen Mentoring Program

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Parents need to give special care while their children are in their teenage years (between 12 to 16 years). Studies suggest that during this phase, children are vulnerable to picking up bad habits and getting involved in immoral activities.  One of the major reasons cited by teenage psychiatrists for this is improper parental guidance.

Today, several parents in Canada are busy with work commitments and hardly have time to keep a tab on their teenage children’s activities. However, with the emergence of teen mentoring Menlo Park program, parents can breathe easy. The teen mentoring program is especially designed for working parents; it provides them the assurance that their teenage kids receive proper guidance to become a good citizen.

The primary objective of teen mentoring San Francisco program is to provide teenagers a supportive environment to learn positive life skills. The benefits of teen mentoring program are mentioned below:

A good teen mentoring program stresses on teaching good values and developing positive thoughts. The teenage mentoring program aims in shaping the youth to become an asset in the society.

Research suggests that children attending teen coaching Menlo Park programs are more polite and have less aggressive nature as compared to other children.

Several children psychiatrists corroborate the fact that children attending mentoring program maintain good parental relationships, have better attendance in school and have a natural tendency to help others.

One of the most significant advantages of teen mentoring programs is that these courses help in preventing addiction and depression among the teenagers.

The teenage mentoring experts play a crucial role in instilling a sense of self-confidence among the youth and improving their self esteem. As a result the teen are bold enough not to succumb to the peer pressure.

Another major advantage of Teen mentoring Palo Alto programs is that it helps in preventing unwanted teenage pregnancy.

Teen mentoring programs have greatly improved university admission rates and the dropout rates have decreased substantially.

The key to successful teen mentoring Menlo Park program is to have good and open communication with the teenagers. The mentors are professionally trained people who use specialized techniques to talk to children and know their likes and dislikes. They talk to them openly and get to know their problems and help them overcome it.  

Even parents can mentor their children by simply talking to them and showing their love and support. Take your children with you on your outings and expose them to new things and new places and inculcate the value you want them to learn. Remember parents can be the best mentors.

Although, teen mentoring programs are beneficial for all, children from poor families or children living in refugee camps can benefit the most.





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Teen mentoring Menlo Park offers excellent courses, which helps the teen in their upcoming life. These short courses helps teen to checive balanced and successful life ahead. Visit us for more information on Teen mentoring Palo Alto.


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Teen Mentoring Menlo Park – Importance of Teen Mentoring Program

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Teen Mentoring Menlo Park – Importance of Teen Mentoring Program

This article was published on 2011/09/24