Teen Rhinoplasty - What You Need to Know

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If your teen has expressed interest in a rhinoplasty procedure, there are certain things you should consider before he or she commits to surgery.

Rhinoplasty can be an emotionally and physically gratifying operation in teenagers. Teens, like adults, who seek rhinoplasty care about their faces. Many have deep emotional concerns and feel ashamed and clumsy about their noses, which may be too large or too small. When peers turn their attention to their noses, teens feel stressed out and less worthy. These are issues that can endure for a lifetime.

Before accepting any new teenage patient for rhinoplasty consideration, it's important that a doctor get consent from the teen's respective parents. Moreover, the teen must want the procedure. To ensure that all affected parties are on board, the doctor should meet with the teen while the parents wait in a separate area.

Moreover, patients should talk to their facial plastic surgeon about the appearance of the nose they're seeking rhinoplasty for-whether that's smoothing a bump or altering a bulbous or a drooping nasal tip. Customized proportions and rounded edges-not pinched ridges-are important elements to a perfectly functioning, natural looking nose that's a perfect fit for each patient's face.

After appropriate intent has been established, a rhinoplasty procedure can be safely and effectively performed on girls at age 14 and boys at age 15. There are several benefits to getting rhinoplasty done as a teenager. Recovery in teens is very fast. Teens heal more rapidly than adults, and their skin is more elastic, allowing better results sooner.

Recovery time includes the teen missing school for a week and must wear a nasal splint post-procedure. That's why, historically, summer months and other holidays are popular times to have rhinoplasty. Some patients like to do it before high school while others prefer to do it after before entering college.

Regardless of when a teen opts to schedule the procedure, they can resume exercise in two weeks but must refrain from contact sports for six weeks. At the end of the procedure, teens experience improved breathing and therefore sleep better and report having more energy throughout the day.

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Teen Rhinoplasty - What You Need to Know

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This article was published on 2010/04/17
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